Sense Labs


Our leading technology platform ‘Common Sense’ connects smartphones and other wearables to a sensor cloud. With our intelligent algorithms, we transform the raw sensor data into real time human and environmental behavior measurements. And through our smart coaching engine we empower people to change.


Below you can find the overview of some of our products that we’ve worked on

Is it just a shake or an earthquake?

Sense Labs and Berkeley are researching this.

Sense Labs and Berkeley Earthquake Research

Geofencing for smooth reintegration

We support people in their reintegration after imposed detention.

Geofencing for Smooth Reintegration

Meet Sense Labs

Sense Labs is a research and teaching environment dedicated to advanced knowledge about how sensor data can be used to empower people. Recognizing earthquakes, managing emergencies, improving healthy lifestyles, supporting mental health; they all have one fundamental thing in common: they benefit from personal context awareness, created from the smartphones and wearable sensors we are all carrying with us nowadays. We support users and their social network by providing real-time context awareness. And with us, their privacy always comes first.

Common Sense

We create personal context awareness through the usage of our unique sensor data processing platform ‘Common Sense’. We measure your sleep, social interaction, physical activity, travel time and top locations … and so much more. For this platform, we developed a unique and leading technology for real-time processing of large amounts of sensor data. Interpreting this data with intelligent algorithms and behavioral science makes this unrivaled, powerful technology.


Sense Labs

explore. invent. create.

Sense Labs

With Sense Labs we’re constantly bringing science into meaningful innovations to maintain our leading position. Our evolving leading sensor platform is the basis for activities we deploy in Sense Health and Sense IoT.

Sense Health

Creating trend setting solutions that offer coaching and support for mental healthcare, reumatoid arthritis, domestic violence, heart diseases, family caregiving and employee vitality.

Sense IoT

A great sensor data storage platform ‘Common Sense’, including visualization tools, trigger setting and remote data management. We support any connected third party sensor device through a simple open API.

We started in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2009 and we also have a resource centre in Indonesia. Love to join? Check out the vacancies and send us an email!

We are expanding to more and more wearables every day


Our team is an AWESOME group of joyful people with a love to create MAGICAL things.

Jan Peter (JP)

Managing Director

Makes IT proactive and connected to real world to empower people to change their behavior.



Swift enthusiast. Pursuing craftsmanship in iOS development.




Pleased to observe nature of human being. In spare time writes computer programs (mostly in Python).



Finance Manager / Project Manager

Responsible for crunching the numbers and help investors see our amazing potential.


Researcher / Developer

Applies machine learning to human-centred applications and enjoys photography in his free time.