Development in Indonesia



Time flies! It’s already been two years since I started working for Sense. The reason I wanted to work here, was that my previous developer job was project based. This didn’t grant me the ability to see my efforts grow into something bigger, so I really wanted to work for a company that makes its own products.

One of the things that really surprised me when I started here, was the amount of freedom. I had the chance to learn and experiment by myself, while I had an experienced senior developer looking over my shoulder. This was a nice addition to my hobby as well, which is developing new frameworks and learning new programming languages in the weekends.

Personally I’ve been responsible for different things. In the beginning I was mainly a backend developer and, as I learned many new things, my role shifted to platform developer. This is interesting to me, because I develop the sensor based core technology behind the products Brightr and Goalie. While in other companies the manager might tell you what to do, at Sense you can improve yourself and decide what’s best for the company.

There’s another benefit to the freedom. I have the ability to work from home, which is very important to me. My family lives about 1000 km from Java, where our office is. I can stay with my family for a few weeks and work from there.

While most Indonesian companies are very hierarchical, Sense’s organization is very flat. Together with the informal style of communication, this means we can talk and joke about many things so everyone is professionally and personally engaged. It’s really a team working together towards a greater goal.

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I’ve got a master’s degree in electrical engineering. From there I became really interested in the internet of things. This got me into mobile development and so it became my passion. Eventually I ended up at Sense and I work here now as an Android developer.

Sense is a relief from my previous employer. The reason is that Sense really cares for its employees and the company as a whole. In the previous company there were many employees and it felt less like you did work that mattered. Sense’s products make a positive impact on society, so it feels like I’m working for a higher goal, which I find important.

The bond with my colleagues makes working at Sense very fun. I feel like we are growing together as a team. The sense of a small community is bigger than in Indonesian companies. The international environment is a very good experience for me. However, the food in the Indonesian office is better than in the Rotterdam office 😉 Although I love the “kapsalon” in the Netherlands.

In my free time I like to cook and eat Indonesian cuisine, as you might’ve guessed!

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My background is in IT. Before Sense, I was working at two other companies as an iOS developer. I thought it was important to do something that helps society, so I wanted to work at Sense. Now I can help to improve the health of people. This kind of job is quite hard to find in Indonesia. I do iOS development for our product Goalie now.

Working at Sense is a very good opportunity to develop ourselves. With sensory technology we are exploring very interesting new grounds. Also, the unit testing in Sense is much better than at my previous employers.

At my first job I had a lot of stress, but at Sense I don’t feel so much of it. This is largely because the hierarchy at Sense is less strict. Also, my own ideas are appreciated, which I found surprising. It’s a very good experience to work with people from different countries, because it’s my first time to work in an international environment. The business trips are awesome too! And, even though it’s very strange in my culture, I learned to say “no”!

In my spare time I’m a football lover, photographer  and Japan enthusiast. Also, I like to build plastic models and I used to be a boardgame geek, but not so much anymore. Still, feel free to challenge me!

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