Development in the Netherlands


Senior Developer

After 8 years of running a mobile game development company and pivoting it to experiential marketing, I knew how hard it was to build successful products. Having worked over a wide range of programming domains over my career and with a product first mentality, I wanted to help solve real social problems with the skills I had gathered.

I found Sense Health to have the perfect recipe for me to join where I can contribute across all domains of my expertise, learn from amazing people around me and help produce a great social impact alongside it. Working at Sense has been phenomenal as the closely knit team is very open to suggestions and gives you complete freedom to help improve products from any angle you can.

In my free time I love travelling and cycling to nearby cities on a good day to explore the beautiful Dutch flat lands. On a lazy Sunday I would be fiddling with a machine learning experiment or making cool shaders for music visualisations.

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Senior Developer/Researcher

At Sense I happily occupy myself with researching and developing context prediction algorithms and extending our Sense Android SDK.

I have a background in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence with a specialism in autonomous perceptive systems. Starting at Sense I moved to generic sensor data processing and laid the foundation for our Sensing Platform. I love to transform meaningless sensor data into user context information, which can help our users to gain insights in their personal development.

I enjoy working at Sense because we keep doing innovative research and development with a focus on health, and we’re encouraged to keep up to date with the latest soft- and hardware technologies for our professional development.

In my spare time I also like to fiddle around with sensors to sniff and sense whatever’s out there. Next to that I like to do sport climbing and I play the guitar.

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iOS Developer

Originating from Colombia, but working in Italy, I was looking for a next step in my career. My search string of keywords of ‘smartphone’, ‘machine learning’, ‘activity recognition’ and ‘jobs’ brought me to Sense Health and I haven’t had a boring day since. It is an inspiring working environment with an exceptional team of different backgrounds and disciplines. It’s work that I truly enjoy.

And yes of course, living in a modern city like Rotterdam has been great! Learning a bit of the Dutch culture, experiencing new lunch habits, sitting at the table and chatting about everyday life makes me feel welcome.

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Junior iOS Developer

While studying software engineering in the Netherlands, I applied for an internship position at Sense. I always wanted to develop software that solves problems in the human context, rather than book keeping software. Sense has exactly these kinds of projects.

Back then, Sense had a lot of pilot projects and was full of sensory hardware and gadgets. I had no idea what they were or what they did, but it made me excited.
It weren’t just the gadgets that fascinated me about this small tech company. As a junior developer, there are two very important things that I wish to have at work: Smart colleagues whom I can learn from and interesting projects that I can stay excited about. Fortunately Sense has both of them.

Working at Sense means that you will get a lot of freedom and responsibility. For instance, right after the internship I started as a full time developer and after a few months I already became responsible for the iOS sensing platform. How awesome is that? I believe that this is a great environment to keep developing myself.

Do you have any questions about what I do? Feel free to email me.