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Our behavior change technology combines proven medical standards with state of the art innovation and is acknowledged by leading mental institutions as well as top tier employers.

We hear our customer’s wishes; we listen to our users and create great products.

Maaike Thijssen

Corporate Vitality Manager ASML

Vitality manager of the year 2014

“We believe that by using Brightr, we can connect our technical personnel to the concept of vitality to ensure we reach our future goals, especially with the biorhythm and mental resilience modules.”

Julie van Tuijl

Project Manager Vebego

“Brightr is a vitality program aimed at strengthening mental resilience, the creation of healthy habits and improving the creativity and productivity of employees. Brightr stimulates adopting a healthier lifestyle. That’s why it’s aimed at the long term and that has an impact on the scope of the effect. This has a direct link to the objectives of Vebego and it fits in our existing vitality program.”

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A group of employees at Mars participated in a Brightr program, specifically the Brightr world tour challenge. This program included specific activity and sleeping objectives to earn points and bonus points could be earned by completing certain “challenges”. In the end the participants virtually traveled the whole world in a team.

The graph below shows the increasing amount of activity and sleep during the program. On average the participants’ amount of activity and sleep increased by 30 minutes!


About our mHealth platform Goalie

“I love Goalie, he is like a real buddy to me. Can I please keep using him?”

This is a common patient’s remark at the end of our trials. At the same time, therapists say that it helps them better understand their patients and more effectively guide them during their therapy. Moreover, Goalie has won an award at the prestigious EU eHealth competition, underlying the innovative and promising nature of the solution.