IoT emerging company of the Year Award

Sense IoT wins the IoT emerging company of the year award during the 2015 International CES® trade show in Las Vegas

 Rotterdam, January 9, 2015


The Awards recognize the best in mobile computing, wireless data communications, Internet of Things, green technology, digital & customer experience products and services offered in the market during the past year. The 2015 Compass Intelligence Awards were selected by 60+ industry-leading press, editors, and analysts who cover the mobile and wireless market.

Connect. Store. Trigger. Visualize.

Sense IoT is a sensor data storage, visualization and remote management platform offering leading cloud computing technologies to provide excellent data scalability and easy visualisation. We support any web- connected third party device, sensor, or sensor network through a simple open API.

The platform is used by customers in a variety of industries, from agricultural to healthcare as well as logistics and infrastructure.

 Easy, Solid, European


Our REST API makes it easy for you to store, retrieve and query your periodic data .


European based, using the Cassandra data model to allow for fast and easy scalability and extremely safe backup storage. Above all, data is stored on NEN 7510 certified hosting servers, making it also able for storing highly confidential healthcare data.


Our cloud strategy is compliant with the European Cloud Initiative. Location of our servers will remain in Europe to ensure ownership of data.


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